Past Studies

Past Studies

Representative publications from the UNC Diabetes Care Center Clinical Trials Program include:

1. Ambrosius WT, Danis RP, Goff Jr. DC, Greven CM, Gerstein HC, Cohen RM, Riddle MC, Miller ME, Buse JB, Bonds DE, Peterson KA, Rosenberg YD, Perdue LH, Esser BA, Seaquist LA, Felicetta JV, Chew EY for the ACCORD Study Investigators. Lack of association between thiazolidinediones and macular edema in type 2 diabetes: The ACCORD Eye Study. Archives of Ophthalmology, in press, expected publication January 2010.

2. Dungan K, Dungan K, Buse JB, Ratner RE. Effects of therapy in type 1 and type 2 diabetes mellitus with a peptide derived from islet neogenesis associated protein (INGAP). Diabetes Metab Res Rev. 2009 Jul 22.

3. Zinman B, Gerich J, Buse J, Lewin A, Schwartz SL, Raskin P, et al. Efficacy and safety of the human GLP-1 analog liraglutide in combination with metformin and TZD in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus (LEAD-4 Met+TZD). Diabetes Care 2009; 32: 1224–1230.

4. Buse JB, Rosenstock J, Sesti G, Schmidt WE, Montanya E, Brett JH, Zychma M, Blonde L; for the LEAD-6 Study Group. Liraglutide once a day versus exenatide twice a day for type 2 diabetes: a 26-week randomised, parallel-group, multinational, open-label trial (LEAD-6). Lancet. 2009; 374(9683):39-47.

5. Young LH, Wackers FJ, Chyun DA, Davey JA, Barrett EJ, Taillefer R, Heller GV, Iskandrian AE, Wittlin SD, Filipchuk N, Ratner RE, Inzucchi SE; DIAD Investigators. Cardiac outcomes after screening for asymptomatic coronary artery disease in patients with type 2 diabetes: the DIAD study: a randomized controlled trial. JAMA. 2009; 301:1547-55.

6. Buse JB, Wolffenbuttel BH, Herman WH, Shemonsky NK, Jiang HH, Fahrbach JL, Scism-Bacon JL, Martin SA. DURAbility of basal versus lispro mix 75/25 insulin efficacy (DURABLE) trial 24-week results: safety and efficacy of insulin lispro mix 75/25 versus insulin glargine added to oral antihyperglycemic drugs in patients with type 2 diabetes. Diabetes Care. 2009; 32:1007-13.

7. Califf RM, Boolell M, Haffner SM, Bethel MA, McMurray J, Duggal A, Holman RR; NAVIGATOR Study Group. Prevention of diabetes and cardiovascular disease in patients with impaired glucose tolerance: rationale and design of the Nateglinide And Valsartan in Impaired Glucose Tolerance Outcomes Research (NAVIGATOR) Trial. Am Heart J. 2008 Oct;156(4):623-32.

8. Drucker DJ, Buse JB, Taylor K, Kendall DM, Trautmann M, Zhuang D, Porter L for the DURATION-1 Study Group. Exenatide once weekly versus twice daily for the treatment of type 2 diabetes: a randomised, open-label, non-inferiority study. Lancet. 2008; 372:1240-50.

9. Action to Control Cardiovascular Risk in Diabetes Study Group, Gerstein HC, Miller ME, Byington RP, Goff DC Jr, Bigger JT, Buse JB, Cushman WC, Genuth S, Ismail-Beigi F, Grimm RH Jr, Probstfield JL, Simons-Morton DG, Friedewald WT. Effects of intensive glucose lowering in type 2 diabetes. N Engl J Med. 2008; 358:2545-59.

10. Dungan KM, Guster T, DeWalt DA, Buse JB. A comparison of lipid and lipoprotein measurements in the fasting and nonfasting states in patients with type 2 diabetes. Current Medical Research and Opinion 2007; 23:2689-2695.

11. Knopp RH, d’Emden M, Smilde JG, Pocock SJ and on behalf of the ASPEN Study Group. Efficacy and Safety of Atorvastatin in the Prevention of Cardiovascular End Points in Subjects With Type 2 Diabetes: The Atorvastatin Study for Prevention of Coronary Heart Disease Endpoints in Non-Insulin-Dependent Diabetes Mellitus (ASPEN). Diabetes Care 29: 1478-1485, 2006.

12. Dungan KM, Buse JB, Largay J, Kelly MM, Button EA, Kato S, Wittlin S. 1,5-anhydroglucitol and postprandial hyperglycemia as measured by continuous glucose monitoring system in moderately controlled patients with diabetes. Diabetes Care 29:1214-9, 2006.

13. Buse JB, Rubin CJ, Frederich R, Viraswami-Appanna K, Lin KC, Montoro R, Shockey G, Davidson JA. Muraglitazar, a dual (alpha/gamma) PPAR activator: A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, 24-week monotherapy trial in adult patients with type 2 diabetes. Clin Ther. 27:1181-95, 2005.

14. Goldberg RB, Kendall DM, Deeg MA, Buse JB, Zagar AJ, Pinaire JA, Tan MH, Khan MA, Perez AT, Jacober SJ; GLAI Study Investigators. A comparison of lipid and glycemic effects of pioglitazone and rosiglitazone in patients with type 2 diabetes and dyslipidemia. Diabetes Care 28:1547-54, 2005.

15. Malhotra A, Coon H, Feitosa MF, Li WD, North KE, Price RA, Bouchard C, Hunt SC, Wolford JK, The American Diabetes Association GENNID Study Group. Meta-analysis of genome-wide linkage studies for quantitative lipid traits in African Americans. Hum Mol Genet 14:3955-62, 2005.

16. Buse JB, Henry RR, Han J, Kim DD, Fineman MS, Baron AD; Exenatide-113 Clinical Study Group. Effects of exenatide (exendin-4) on glycemic control over 30 weeks in sulfonylurea-treated patients with type 2 diabetes. Diabetes Care 27:2628-35, 2004.

17. Bolton WK, Cattran DC, Williams ME, Adler SG, Appel GB, Cartwright K, Foiles PG, Freedman BI, Raskin P, Ratner RE, Spinowitz BS, Whittier FC, Wuerth J-P for the ACTION I Investigator Group. Randomized trial of an inhibitor of formation of advanced glycation end products in diabetic nephropathy. American Journal of Nephrology 24:32-40, 2004.

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19. Jensen CC, Cnop M, Hull RL, Fujimoto WY, Kahn SE, American Diabetes Association GENNID Study Group. Beta-cell function is a major contributor to oral glucose tolerance in high-risk relatives of four ethnic groups in the U.S. Diabetes 51:2170-8, 2002.

20. Grundy SM, Vega GL, McGovern ME, Tulloch BR, Kendall DM, Fitz-Patrick D, Ganda OP, Rosenson RS, Buse JB, Robertson DD, Sheehan JP, and the Diabetes Multicenter Research Group. Efficacy, safety, and tolerability of once-daily niacin for the treatment of dyslipidemia associated with type 2 diabetes: results of the assessment of diabetes control and evaluation of the efficacy of Niaspan trial. Archives of Internal Medicine 162:1568-76, 2002.

21. Buse J, Hart K, Minasi L on behalf of the PROTECT Study Group. The PROTECT study: final results of a large multicenter postmarketing study in patients with type 2 diabetes. Clinical Therapeutics 20(2):257-69, 1998.

22. Buse J, Gumbiner B, Mathias NP, Nelson DM, Whitcomb RW for the Troglitazone Study Group. Troglitazone use in insulin-treated type 2 diabetic patients. Diabetes Care 21(9):1455-61, 1998.

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