Sonia Guarda


BSN, UNC-Chapel Hill School of Nursing, Class of 2012

UNC Position:

Clinical Research Coordinator

Professional Interests

Before coming to the Diabetes Care Center, I worked at UNC Hospitals on a surgical oncology and ENT floor. While working in an inpatient setting, I found myself spending large amounts of time educating patients and coworkers on diabetes management.  I have also worked with adolescents with diabetes at the American Diabetes Association’s Camp Carolina Trails since 2011.  I am working towards becoming a Certified Diabetes Educator and hope to have a long career working with people with diabetes.

Personal Interests

I enjoy attending group fitness classes at my local gym and playing fetch with my black lab.  My partner and I are remarkably skilled at making and devouring grilled cheese sandwiches.  I get particularly excited about skiing, banjo music, and beach trips.  I am a fortunate woman with a phenomenal mother, and I will always enjoy spending quality time with her.