T1D Exchange

What is T1D Exchange?


The T1DExchange (The Exchange) was formed to foster collaboration amongst the type 1 community (people with type 1, caregivers, clinicians, researchers and industry) around a shared goal: advancing the understanding and outcomes of type 1 diabetes.  The Exchange is composed of three core components:

  1.  Glu; an active and diverse type 1 diabetes (T1D) online community designed to accelerate research and amplify the collective voice of those living with T1D (www.myglu.org)
  2.   Clinic Network which is a registry of those with type 1
  3.   Biorepository of biological samples intended to distribute, share and exchange meaningful data that drives collaboration and distributes knowledge across the type 1 community.


Current studies recruiting in T1D Exchange:


Severe Hypoglycemia (SH) in Older Adults with Type 1 Diabetes (T1D)


What is the SH in Older Adults with T1D study?


The primary objective of the study is to identify factors associated with the occurrence of severe hypoglycemia in older adults with T1D.  It is hoped that the study results can be used to design an intervention study with the goal of reducing the incidence of severe hypoglycemia in older adults.


How long would I participate in the study?


Your participation would include 2 study visits and you would be compensated for your time.


Do I qualify to be a participant?


You may qualify if:

  • You are > 60 years old
  • You have T1DM and were diagnosed < 40 years old
  • You have not used a CGM in the past 3 months


What if I have more questions?


Contact Milana Dezube at milana_dezube@med.unc.edu or 984-974-3014